Saturday, July 7, 2007

Year After Year

I had a workshop for the new catalog today! I don't usually have workshops for myself, but I thought I would to unveil the new catalog. After the party was over I left the leftover stuff and stamps out on the table to go check out Hobby Lobby! I figured I would clean up the stuff when I got back. I have another stamp camp on Monday and I am going to make the same projects, so I cut out extra so I would have enough. When I got home from Hobby Lobby and was cleaning up I noticed I didn't have all the extra pieces I had cut!! I thought this is weird! I had only one back left, no white squares and tons of extra groovy guava! Weird! So I asked my six year old "who touched my cardstock?!". Anyone with kids knows that ooopppssss busted look kids get on their face when they are just about to lie! I was a little bit irritated at first, I had all of this cardstock cut and ready to go! So then I finally had him show me what he had used it on...he had made these little cards for my husband and I. It was really pretty funny after that and I was happy he stayed with one color of stamp pad!