Monday, March 17, 2008

Painting, Again?!

We finished our last painting project last week! We painted our oldest DD's room with a princess theme, since she is a princess!! I used SU's Mixed Bouqet and paint I purchased at Home Depot.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So I finally took the plunge and painted and stamped DD's room! I have been wanting to stamp on the walls (I stamp on everything else) for a while, but it was a bit intimidating!! It actually turned out to be really easy! The theme of her room is a garden type theme. For the walls I painted a lighter shade of sage shadow. I chose out pale and perfect plum for her coordinating colors. So I took SU cardstock into Home Depot and had them match the color perfectly! How cool is that?! The look on DH's face was priceless when I opened the perfect plum paint can and he saw that deep purple color! He suggested numerous times "how about we just leave the walls green?". Nope! Not a chance! I was ready to stamp! I also made the valance and matching pillows. Which was a feat since I am totally not a seamstress.

Baby Shower

I had such a good time making these little baby shower favors for a good friend! She is having her first girl, so the theme was anything pink!! Out of the sides of the bags I cut out little onesies and ducks! My two favorite baby-ish images. Inside the bags I put peppermint patty sandwhiches and kisses!